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This Tiny White Beach Island is in Saudi Arabia.

This is a Tiny White Beach Island in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia isn’t known for its tourism that it is almost non-existent. The country doesn’t offer a tourist visa. The tourists you see around are those who are already working there and have either a working or a business visa. This huge nation is mostly known for its desert where oil pumps are spread across […]

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La Jolla Beach, San Diego, California

La Jolla Beach

I was walking down the La Jolla Beach when I spotted this woman doing her yoga in the sand, with only the sound of the waves can be heard. It was a peaceful setting that I decided to sit down on the grasses in my own yoga position. But, of course, I took these photos […]

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Skateboarders in Venice Beach

The Brave, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Weird at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is everything. There’s the bold, the strong, the beautiful, the weird, the hip and the artist. It is a place that shows all we think of America—without the republicans! The Bold. They’re young but already bold to scale up and down the skateboarding pit. One false move could lead them to injury. The […]

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Travel quote / Beach quote

Life is better at the Beach

I know it’s still Spring but when people start wearing t-shirts in three consecutive days, summer is already here. Yes, it’s raining in Toronto today and the it might continue all the way to the weekend but who cares? At least no more jackets and trench coats but umbrellas. :)) Is your beach body ready […]

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Mexico – Playa del Carmen

I’ve been told. And I’ve been warned: “Cancun and Playa del Carmen are not your Mexico you would want to know,” a Mexican friend said. I went to PlayaCar, anyway. And she was right! I planned to stay there for three nights but I was turned off by the place. I cancelled my third night stay at The […]

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Scarborough Bluffs

Last Tuesday night, somebody invited me to his home–a house boat–in a marina near Scarborough Bluffs. He has lived there for couple of years already, thus, I call him, The Boatman. The next morning, this is the view from the window and from the boats upper level patio.      

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Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao City, Samal Island, Philippines.

Pearl Farm Beach Resort

Don’t be misguided by its name: Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao City.  To my knowledge, the resort is not a place where you can buy lots of pearls nor is a beach with a pearl farm. Personally I had never seen a pearl farm in the island—only a shop selling pearls which I never dared […]

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Ilig-Iligan Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines.

Ilig-Iligan Beach in Boracay Island

If ever you’re tired of the touristy Boracay Beach, check out Ilig-iligan Beach in the nothernmost tip of Boracay Island. It’s a pristine beach and has not yet been “bastardized,” “consumated”, “commercialized” by greedy businessmen. Get GREAT DEALS on Expedia for trips to PHILIPPINES!      Related: The Ultimate Boracay Guide Book   Since its a bit […]

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Boracay Island Beach in the Philippines is a paradise.

Boracay Island Beach is a Paradise

Boracay Island Beach is overrated. But, its overratedness is something you’d always love despite. It’s my first time in this island paradise and the moment my bare feet stepped on the white, talcum-powdered sand, it felt like I was finally home—the kind of home where you should be when the Northern Hemisphere is cold, wet, […]

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