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This is the Crowd in Front of Monalisa at Louvre Museum (Paris, France).

This is the Crowd in Front of Monalisa at Louvre Museum

Planning to see Monalisa at Louvre Museum with a few pairs of eyes staring at Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece? Good luck with that! Getting closer to the painting? Hmmmnnn… You really have to be patient and brave as you slowly snake your way to the front view. Don’t worry about a couple of stops – […]

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Arts in Alexandria (Egypt).

Murals in Alexandria

I was walking around for two hours until I saw these murals in Alexandria. It’s one of those moments when I allowed my myself to get lost around a new city. And when I can’t figure out, I’d hail a cab to bring me somewhere to satisfy my stomach. These murals depict arts in all […]

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Language of the Birds art installation in San Francisco.

Language of the Birds

After visiting the City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, I walked a bit up and found this interesting outdoor art installation called, “Language of the Birds.” It is a flock of twenty three sculpted, open books that look like flying birds at a distance. I actually thought like they were electrocuted pigeons. 🙂 Standing below those (book) […]

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Murals at Coney island, Brooklyn, New York.

Coney Island Murals

One of the things I did when I went to New York last weekend was to visit Coney Island with a friend for the first time. I’ve been going to the City that Never Sleeps in and out since 2011 but I’ve never visited this amusement park by the beach. We were there on July […]

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Grafitti Tour in Brooklyn, New York City.

Graffiti Tour in Brooklyn

You can find grafitti anywhere in New York. But not so much in Manhattan, at least to places I’ve walked by. If you go to other boroughs, like Brooklyn, Queens and bronx, grafitti (or street art or murals as they say) is everywhere. From abandoned buildings to bridges to empty lots, you can spot colourful […]

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The Audrey Hepburn Mural in Little Italy, New York

The Audrey Hepburn Mural in Little Italy

The  mural in Little Italy, New York is something that you won’t pass without pausing or stopping by to admire it’s bold play of colours that attracts pedestrians to take a picture or two. The close-up mural of the famed actress gazes up Mulberry Street like she’s up to something. See it across the street […]

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The Grandeur of the Palace of Fine Arts

The Grandeur of the Palace of Fine Arts

The grandeur of the Palace of Fine Arts would dazzle you with its Greco-Roman architecture. Though the area isn’t that big but a stroll around with someone you love would be romantic. Save a lot of money by buying a City Pass to see major attractions in San Francisco! Just take small steps at a […]

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Diego Rivera Court Mural Detroit Institute of Arts DIA

The Magnificent Diego Rivera Murals at Detroit Institute of Arts

Inside the Detroit Arts of Institute (aka DIA), one can find the magnificent Diego Rivera Murals spanning the whole court from top to bottom, from side to side and from corner to corner. You don’t need to be an artist nor an art freak to understand what the massive murals are all about. Diego Rivera’s […]

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Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013 Garden Tower

Toronto Nuit Blanche 2013

Toronto Nuit Blanche is here once again and it’s time to be wowed by the art outdoor installations that glow all night long on October 5 from sunset to sunrise the next day. It’s also a time to be disappointed by the crowded streets and areas where the installations are erected for free public viewing. […]

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Chicago Arts Institute – 12 Arts To See

Though not as huge as New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) or Philadelphia’s Museum of Arts, Arts Institute Chicago has its own charming treasures worth a peek. I literally skipped most European arts as I have seen a lot of them—mostly with religious theme but with shirtless or naked biblical and mythological characters. Or […]

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