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The Fallen Angel Sculpture in Pisa (by Igor Mitoraj).

This Fallen Angel Sculpture in Pisa Has Six-Pack Abs to Die For!

I love this Fallen Angel sculpture in Pisa. Lying with his broken head down, the angel with well-sculpted abs still looks flawless, despite the fall. 😉 His left wing is unscathed but the right one is misplaced (covering his private) and half buried in the green bermuda grass. And oh, his lower body is missing. […]

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Murals in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Murals in Flagstaff

Flagstaff is along America’s famous road trip route, the Route 66. If you’ve seen the animated movie Cars, then, you’re familiar with this route. In fact, Route 66 is the main road that divides Flagstaff’s North and South area. Though Flagstaff nowadays is not anymore your regular road trip stop, I’d still recommend you to […]

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These murals on the pillars of Gardiner Expressway is a brilliant idea of turning urban spaces into creative pursuits. / Underpass Park in Toronto.

The Underpass Park in Toronto

I finally able to visit the the Underpass Park in Toronto yesterday. I’ve read and heard about this before but was not really interested until a friend who had been there last weekend told me about it, like it’s the coolest thing in this city. There was a little party going on when he was […]

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Bushwick Collective Murals in Brooklyn, New York.

See the world through Bushwick Collective Murals

There’s a place in Brooklyn where you can see the world through Bushwick Collective murals. Artists from around the world came to share their art, for the love of art. From Australia to France; from Italy to the Philippines, muralists come to share the vision of the Bushwick Collective. You can easily spot these murals […]

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Detroit Public Art

Public Art in Detroit

Detroit, the Motown City, never runs out of public art. It’s everywhere. In every corner. In every street. I’m not talking about the ubiquitous graffiti the city is known for nowadays. I’m talking about these real public art that had been there even before the city lost its “Motor City” glory that led to the […]

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Chicago – Pilsen Graffiti

I was told not to go there—in –to check out the graffiti. I always have this fascination about graffiti. “It’s a dangerous area,” said the receptionist at my hostel. “Even during the day?”, I asked. She shrugged off her shoulder, tilted her head and eyes opened wide, “Yeah.” I didn’t believe her. I went there anyway. […]

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Scary Statue

This statue scared the shit out of my gut when I turned right on a street in Quebec. I was reading the map while walking when, suddenly, this statue “appeared” right beside me. I almost slapped this bitch. :)) Oh yeah, whats with the white gloves, you, creepy monster? Michael Jackson, is dat chu?  Scary […]

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Face Paint

I dont remember where I saw and took a pic of this guy. I love the bloody red face paint though. Im a blood freak but I do like to see it as an art form—on a human face. :)) Oh, did I mention that his lips are luscious? Sssshhh…. Related articles Shri Swaminarayan Mandir […]

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