StayWithFamily: The New Queer Travel Phenomenon

I finally have my first evah BLOG AD. 

I’m ecstatic.

You know, like I won a Miss Gay Universe crown, waving to my new fans (and bitchy haters) and tears streaming down my hairy cheeks. :))

It’s a fab website, no less.

You know the saying: Fab people of the same boa feather flock together, right?

A fab ad in a fab blog in a fab world!

StayWithFamily is rainbow-colored website that provides GLBT travellers and their hetero friends connections for free accomodations in their favorite destinations.

Yes, dahlin’s! If you’re gay and proud and happy, this is your site.

And if you are gay-friendly and in some extent, a fag hag, join the fab club!

Oh, I shouldn’t forget that this site is FREE to sign up and YOU can even participate in the list of services they offered by being a HOST to a gay traveller in your city.

You know that staying in posh hotels aren’t just expensive but also boring. Going to gay bars in the unknown city alone could be an adventure but knowing not the do’s and dont’s of the gay scene of the city you are visiting could be scary.

Whereas, when two people meet up and talk about anything under the rainbow arch, coupled with laughs and voice effects and clicking fingers and arching eyebrows and “springy head” movements—–that’s queerly magic.

Unless, of course, if you’re gonna put an ad in Craigslist to find a young, local skinny boy.

Don’t ask me what that is and why I know that. 🙂

  is owned by a delicious, well-travelled gay couple who enjoy being immersed in the culture of the city they are visiting.

Read as to what Juan Alvarado, co-owner, says about the website:


I chose StayWithFamily because the word “Family” means “Gay” in the
gay community. When someone says “Is that person “family”, that means
is that person gay. The way this word came to be is that for a long
time, gays have been rejected by their biological families and had to
create their own family of choice.

What’s your vision of putting up a website like this?

My vision is to have hundreds of members in every major city around
the world enabling gays to travel more affordably and safely while
truly experiencing the culture of that city.

What’s the best thing about this site?

The best thing about this site is the social network that allows
gay people around the world to connect and share their travel
experiences. By meeting people in the cities you are visiting, you are
given the opportunity to experience the city in a way that would not
have been possible otherwise.

What’s your most memorable experiences of using this site yourself?

My most memorable experience with an exchange was in Stockholm. We
had such gracious hosts who showed us the town and took us to the gay
bars where only the locals go. They also took us to a hidden local nude
beach that we would never have found. We cooked for each other, shared
cultures, and met their friends, it was a great experience!

There you go, dahlins! Hope to see you in your / my couch or bed one day!

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