So long, baldy!

The article below is written by a friend slash used to be neighbor slash fellow camwhore and fellow gossip girl slash a single-lady-who-needs-a-good-boyfriend biatch of mine.

She wrote this a day before my farewell party—as her way of saying THANKS to the bad influences I had on her.

I have never heard from someone who said THANKS for BAD INFLUENCES.

Yeah, you guessed it right. Shes a bit weird. Hahahahahaha…

The original blog entry can be found in HER BLOG.

So, here it goes…


I met this fabulous queer in the summer of 2006. Since then, my life has gradually changed in a major way! Well, he’s one heck of a bad influence…and very good at that!

So when he announced last year that he has convinced the Canadian government that he is yet another great asset to their country and that he was finally given an immigrant visa…I was both happy and sad for him.

Now, that time has arrived, where he has to say adieu to everyone in this city, including me of course! (Ahh finally, I wouldn’t be hearing all your complaints, whining and bitchiness about Beijing!)

Warning: This part may be hard to take, so embrace yourself! Some may even be hazardous to your health! Haha!

So I made a list and I picked the tough TEN things I will surely miss about you. (I’m weeping in laughter while writing this down!) Here it is…

1. Your laugh. Who would ever forget your laugh?! It is such a head turner! If some people are being turned around again because of their looks, well in your case, it’s your laugh. It is unique and one of a ki

nd. Heck, it’s even contagious! Hmmm…I should probably record it on my phone and make it as my ring tone, watchuthink?!  

2.Your monkey dance. Only a few people have the privileged to have seen you with your very own dance step, the “monkey dance”. However, thousands of them were able to see the captured moment, online through Facebook! Your dancing queen moments will always be treasured especially with your monkey dance on it.

Reminder: If you want A to do the monkey dance, make sure to get him drunk first!

3. Your boy-toy collections. I have to argue with my head if this should be on the list. I think it should, knowing that your taste in men is impeccable. I will surely miss the way you harass them in front of a cheering crowd. I will surely miss the way their faces turned red when you kissed them. I will surely miss the smile on you

r face when you hug them. I don’t know what kind of charisma you have for them but thanks for sharing one of them 😉

I hope that you will be able to find a boy-toy for keep (literally!) in Canadaaaaaaaaaa!

*This is one of Maricel’s contributions as well, when I asked her what she will surely miss ‘bout yah.

4. Your camwhoring. I thought pictures are enough when you just pose and smile. Not with Alain. Everything should turn out to his intended outcome, even if it takes to many shots to perfect them. That’s why I’m sooo over the moon when I passed his taste and criteria in capturing his desired photo.

You are certainly one great camwhore and I’m sad I won’t be able to do more of that anymore with you. You should think of it as another career option when you get there, you know. 😉

5. Your unforgettable debaucheries. I was never this out going in my life until I met you! I was a good girl. Really. Your convincing power is way too empowering and you cursing about my sex life wouldn’t be the best idea to say NO. Thank you for activating my social life in the ‘jing, it was sure was waiting for someone like you to unleash the dormant-party-girl in me! So I am pretty sure that any party, debauchery, and shindig in this city wouldn’t be as much fun as it was when you’re there. I could only wish that night life in Canada wouldn’t be as much fun in Beijing, so that eventually you will miss the fun in this city for you to pack your things and come back! Ha!

6. Your couchsurfing moments. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet such amazing, wonderful, and inspiring people through your couchsurfers. Although there was a time when you stopped sharing them to us because of that hot dude from Netherlands. You remembered that?! Then again you were just a total biatch at that time, so we understand. Ha! So I say, you’re a great loss to all the incoming couchsurfers in Beijing. Why?!? Because they’ll never get the chance to wear your wig! haha…Not really. Seriously, they won’t be able to have the chance to meet an amazing and wonderful attraction of Beijing as you will become the next big attraction in Canadaaaa! They just have to change their travel plans for you 😉

7. Your runway walk. I love how you just do this in a spur-of-the-moment, wherever, whenever! I’m sure you can do more of that strutting in the city lights of Toronto, Vancouver, or even New York! Life is indeed a runway. So held your head up high and never forget you are one fabulous biatch in this life’s runway that could never be replaced!

8. Your sex conversations. (which includes advices & self-demonstrations) Having A as a neighbor was a pain in the ass. Very demanding! Very moody! Very Alain! The only consolation we get from him were the intellectually-masturbating-conversations about sex. Who would be the best adviser and guru of this topic?! Of course, your majesty…A, no less! He knows his craft, he knows his subject, so you could never go wrong when he gives out his sex advices with a couple of self demonstrations as well.

I will surely miss this. Especially, you have not only unleashed the party girl in me but also the slut in me! haha! Thanks for those things, you could ask my men if I was good in taking and practicing your advices 😉 

9. Your belief in the goodness of men. This is the serious part that I was referring to earlier.

I think only a few would know that aside from being this funny and naughty “gay-gay”. You are a person with the huge capacity to love. You have never judge people and you’ve accepted them regardless of their background, status, religion, ethnicity, and personality. I admire you of your belief that there is still goodness in men. It’s about time for some people to know about this of you, when once you were the “Good Samaritan” to that Chinese man, whom you met at the airport in Thailand. How you never left him without making sure he gets a flight back to China by lending him your travel money. You didn’t know him and he might probably not pay you back, but you didn’t have second thoughts, as long as he gets back to his family. Then just on your last birthday, you chose not to party with your friends because you were actually spending your special day with children who needs for your attention and love. You read them stories and their happy faces were the indication that you are a blessing to them.

I also thank you for sharing your goodness to me whenever I need to bor

row money because I don’t know how to budget! Ha! Now that you’ll be away, wala na akong mauutangan. Haha! Thank you for giving a quarter of your “Beijing things” to us. Now, I have to keep in mind that I should put your backpack into good use. Let’s see, backpacking in Canada, ten summers from now sounds like a plan! 

10. You. The list could reach a hundred or more, but the bottom line of this would only be one person. And that’s Y-O-U! I’ve said goodbye too many times to different people in my life. This is one of the hardest. I think the idea that you’re leaving Beijing and you will not come back still hasn’t sunk in yet. I don’t even want to utter goodbye because as you said, the world is becoming a village. So whether we’ll be seeing each other in the Philippines, Canada, or anywhere in this village, my heart and prayers go with you in spirit. (You should come to my wedding, by hook or by crook! And in order for that to happen, find me a decent man in Canada! He should pass your judgments in flying colors! haha)

Now on a more serious note, Beijing is going to be bluer than blue without
you…thats for sure! Simply because you carry that rainbow flag literally and metaphorically! Well, the fact is inevitable…you’re spreading your wings like a butterfly, as Mariah Carey said. 

So go on and fly!

Best of luck in everything!

I will miss you BIG time!

Love yah, Baldy!


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2 Responses to “So long, baldy!”

  1. Danica
    April 8, 2010 at 11:27 AM #

    With tears dropping all over my face. I couldn´t sum it up better.. I will just add up I will also miss our WAR calling voice: ATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEH!!
    The best from Spain to you Ateeeeeeeeh Alanis!
    By the way tomorrow I´m meeting Ateh Alexa in Madrid. We´ll miss you here biatch!
    Ateh Danica

  2. suzy
    April 9, 2010 at 1:25 PM #

    dinah u were a red-head???and alain had hair????????so weird!!!!hehehe
    i’m gonna miss u my dah’ling!

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