Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort

Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Sirenis Cocotal Beach Resort is really faaaaaaarrrr away from home. It’s the second beach resort on the northeastern side of the long stretch of Punta Cana shoreline. The nearest town is 45 minutes by minubus and it’s an hour away from the airport.

The resort is a tourist trap where everything is expensive, of course. They suck you financially dry by their services, goods and tours in exhorbitant prices. But, if you are there to enjoy the sea and the sun, then, this place is JUST ok, really. Their bedrooms are just your regular bedrooms. Nothing really special or extraordinary in there.

The beach resort has two buffet restaurants which offers international cuisine. DO NOT expect to have seafood because you won’t see it often. It’s rare. I haven’t even tasted a local Dominican food while there. The taste? It’s just ok. Nothing to brag about. However, the table is really abundant with food. They also have 5 or 6 themed restaurants: Midetterenean, Mexican, Oriental, Japanese, etc… You have to book in advance if you are planning to dine there, which, of course, the one in-charged for booking would give you late hours, like 8:30—to discourage you from eating there. “Oh, it’s full!”, they’d say.  It’s a bad saving measure.

We tried the Midetterenean restaurant and we arrived 20 minutes before 8:30 but was appalled that the restaurant was almost empty! Only 1 table with 4 people can be seen there. We waited for 45 minutes before our order arrived. And, it was gross. We tried the Japanese, too, and was given the same time–even if we booked 4 days prior to the dinner. Same story as the Midetterenean. Food was worse.

Aside from the generous amount of food at the buffet restaurants, the drinks were also free for the whole duration of your stay. The bar at the lobby is 24 hours, so drink all you can! Though the choice of alcohol were not really impressive but it’s enough to get you tipsy or drunk.

One good thing about the resort are the performances being shown every night. They invite stage performers (they call them animacion) — from acrobatics to dancers to impersonators to stage actors.

Since the beach is on the east side of the Dominican Republic, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the serenity of the morning sea and watch the breathtaking sunrise. I guess, this was THE BEST part of my one-week sojourn here.

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