South Korea: Window shopping in Seoul

 Day 28: Window shopping

The epithet, Seoul, the Soul of Asia”, this city gives to itself is a joke.

This is not bitching. Just. My Opinion.

I don’t mean it’s soulless.

Seoul is a metropolis built in and around hills and mountains.

It’s a bustling city of modern technologies and all but the people are still very conservative.

While South Korea is advanced in technology, the people’s social behavior is still very Confucianism where men are regarded as superior than women and social status matters so much.

It’s very evident in everyday life here in this city where boys and girls express their romantic side in a very limited way. You can see that their eyes are wandering around when they hold hands.

That’s a pity!

I don’t wanna sound wise but perhaps, this behavior can be attributed to the country’s aging population.

South Korea has the lowest birthrate in the world today.

In every buses and subway trains, there are seats reserved for the golden people. There’s a big, fat chance that you will be seating next to an old or middle-aged man / woman anywhere.

These people influence the youth when it comes thinking. If there are more old people around you, chances are, you will be thinking like them, too.

It’s hard to change society when it’s ruled by the conservatives who lives in the past of their ancestors even if they’re living in modern times.

I’m talking shit, alright.



I went to markets and malls and department stores today and was amazed at how Koreans take shopping seriously.

Beijing‘s shopping scene is a dwarf compared to this city. From buttons to hats to zippers to feather boas to fake products—they have every item you are looking for.

I bought a couple of things but not really worth mentioning.

Dirt cheap.

 I love to shop but I’m financially-anemic now. I’m considering begging in the subway of Beijing while I show the commuters my licking skills. Hahahahahha… Gross!

Nothing much to say, really. I walked a lot from mall to another and lost track how many subway rides I had.


At night, I met up with someone and he brought me this bar called The Flair.

It’s as noisy as some bars in Beijing. The only difference is that the bartender in this bar showed off his bartending skills.

And he’s actually pretty good at it.


Subway: 1,000
Lunch: 11,000
Subway: 6,000
Stuff: 30,000
Socks: 1,000
Dunkin: 6,500
Subway: 1,400
Subway: 2,600
Dinner: 17,000
Stuff: 7,550

TOTAL: 84,050 WON (USD 72)



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