Saying farewell to my class

Chinese students have this way of making foreign teachers guilty about their decision of moving out in search of greener pasture. Saying farewell to my class today was not an easy one.

Today is my last class with them and the next two days will be spent for final oral and written exams. Though they asked me to make the final exam easy, I don’t have the final say—it’s the school who made it and I didn’t even see it. But, even if I were asked to make such, I still can’t assure them it’s gonna be easy. They don’t know me as someone who gives easy passport to their future. 🙂

They were so quite when I delivered them my four-sentence farewell speech tha went like this:

“It’s been a whole lot of fun with you and you all have fun with me. It’s nice to meet you and I hope to see you again someday. You will never remember my lessons all the time but you’ll remember what we’ve done together to make you learn. To all of you, I say, farewell…” 

Silence. Smiles. More smiles. More smiles.

Then, one finally broke the silence by asking the forbidden question, “Are you getting married?” 

The class rolled in laughter and I can’t help but answered him with a smile and said, “I’ll let you know…” 

As soon as came to the class, everybody was excitedly telling me that they have a surprise—but first, they want me to do a monkey dance. Hahahahaha…..

Of course, I declined.

They wanted me to sing a song, but of course, I’m no Elton John, so, still, I declined. Their pleadings all went in vain.

Then, their class leader went up to my table and gave me a small, hard package. She made a brief speech by saying, “This is from all of us and we thank you for everything.” 

I asked them if I could open it and they all said yes. Chinese don’t open gifts in front of someone who gives it.

When I finally removed the wrapper, a fancy shiny box of Dove chocolate teased me. My students know my weakness for chocolates. In fact, it’s almost everyday that they gave me a piece of dark or milk chocolate.

Then, someone joked, “Oh, don’t be happy yet, it’s just an empty box.” 

That was one real joke that made everyone cracked up. :))

Then, I proceeded to my last lesson. They were very attentive. Not because it’s my last day but because I told them, it might be included in the final exam.

Five minutes before the time, I repeated my short speech. Two girls were crying even before I could finish my last sentence. I asked them why and one said, “We will all miss you.” 

Gosh, I felt like I was dying or something.

“What would you miss about me?”, I asked.

A boy answered, “Your homework everyday.” 

Everybody giggled but they all agreed.

Then, one stood up. He gave me an applause.

Others followed and I realized they’re giving me a standing ovation.

In my usual fabulous self, I gave them an arabesque.

And all my way out, they we were applauding me.

Things like that are diamonds to me.

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