Santa Claus Parade 2012 Toronto

Todays’ Santa Claus Parade is filled with, as usual, candies, clowns, giant floats, excited children, bored adults, photographers who don’t care about people behind them, season’s greetings (that are most of the times unanswered), waves, smiles, laughs, chilly wind and craning necks. There wasn’t much of an impressive factor which I’m always looking for every year. A lot of stuff there were recycled from last year or two years ago.

What makes this year’s parade is the gorgeous weather that refused to cooperate in the last two years. Thousands of Torontonians got out of their homes and lined up patiently on the sidewalks, braving the crispy wind that puffed unpredictably from time to time. When Santa Claus appeared at the end of the long parade, the jubilation reached to a level of euphoria—like there’s no tension in Middle East right now. The kids frolic in pure exuberance and the adults were as excited as the children. It was like being a kid and believing in Santa all over again.

Here are pictures of the Santa Claus Parade 2012 in Toronto.


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