Where to see San Francisco Skyline

I am fond of seeing the panorama or skyline of every city I’ve visited. Seeing San Francisco skyline in many different angles, is magical. It’s like getting to know the city from afar in many hills that made up the city, home to the world’s richest IT start-ups.

So, where do you go to see San Francisco skyline or panorama?

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Challenge yourself by going up the hill on foot. It’s a long arduous climb and not for the socialite in heel-numbing stilletos. The photo below is San Francisco’s downtown skyline. better to go up there in the morning.

View of San Francisco Skyline from Coit Tower

View of San Francisco Skyline from Coit Tower.

It’s only here in Coit Tower where you can see the 360-degree view of the city’s skyline. Here’s another view of the city’s panorama on the other side of Coit Tower.

Coit Tower San Francisco Skyline Panorama 1

Another view of San Francisco’s panorama from Coit Tower.


The best, adventurous way to reach and see this view is by bike riding. Click HERE on how to do that. There’s so much views waiting for you’re up there at the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Skyline Panorama

View of San Francisco Skyline / Panorama from the Golden Gate Bridge.


Join a fun, wild tour by Wild SF Tours. They start from Castro, San Francisco’s Gay Village, all the way to Dolores Park and around Mission District. It’s a long walk but worth knowing the city in the different perspective. It’s beautiful to hangout here in summer time on a beautiful weather.

And guess what, Mark Zuckerberg’s house is in this area. When we were there, it was still under renovation.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco Skyline Panorama

The view of San Francisco skyline / panorama from Dolores Park.


De Young Museum is away from the city’s downtown but when you reach there, you’ll be rewarded with a grand spectacle of the city covered in trees. Here, there’ art, a Japanese garden, flowers, and right across is the city’s Science and Technology Center.

View of San Francisco Panorama Skyline from De Young Museum.

View of San Francisco Skyline from De Young Museum.

It’s free to go up there even if you don’t pay the museum fee. You just have to show the contents of your bag to the security guard and ask him where the elevator to the tower is.

San Francisco Panorama / Skyline from De Young Museum

San Francisco Panorama / Skyline from De Young Museum.


Join a night bus tour that goes across Bay Bridge where you can see the stunning view of the city’s skyline across the San FranciscoBay. It can be chilly—even in summer nights. Get a nice camera to capture the breathtaking view at night.   

Crossing the bay Bridge in San Francisco.

Crossing the Bay Bridge in San Francisco.

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