The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Museum of Arts is huuugeeee!!! And its awesome—if you have never been to huge museums before. Since I already did, so it was kind of ok to me. They all have the expected things/antiques/arts to see in a museum of arts. European art with religious themes are already boring me everytime I see one, so I skipped most of it. The one that I was really excited to see was the Sculpture of Diana, the Huntress.

However, the views/scenes around the museum offered us a much-needed respite after walking, maybe, half of the City of Philadelphia.

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The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

Inside the The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

Ok, of all religious art in the museum, this one impressed me a lot. Its an altarpiece showing the Passion of Christ. The golden tiny statues in the middle are exquisitely carved and elaborately impressive.

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

The Japanese tea house garden inside the Museum of Arts in Philadelphia.

The museum features a traditional Japanese tea house complete with a courtyard.

Standing on the highest step of the East side of the museum, Phillys breathtaking skyline is hard to miss.

The facade on the East side. I was standing on the same spot where Sylvester Stallone raised his fists in the movie, ROCKY.

Rocky balboa Statue The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

Rocky Balboa, Philadelphia’s famous boxer.

In the northeast side of the museum, stands the statue of Rocky Balboa, whose life was turned into a movie, starring the young Sylvester Stallone. Most tourists never fail to pay their respect to the boxer here.

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

The facade of the western side of the building.

The southwestern side.

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

If you go down to the west side, you can see the waterworks buildings. The view looks marvelous in the afternoon.

The row of boathouses not far from the museum. The view at night is spectacular!


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