The Penis Restaurant in Beijing

So….. last night, six of us went to this Penis Restaurant which my Swiss friend had been babbling about since January. Honestly, I was not looking forward to eating a phallus but excited to try my first ever penis dish of the animal kingdom. 

We were all so curious and had no idea what to expect. The restaurant was not your regular Chinese restaurant, except that there was no huge common dining room. Customers are brought to this lavishly-decorated room with impressive dining utensils. It’s a restaurant meant to be for a group of friends or families. 

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

When the menu was handed to us, lo and behold, the prices were exorbitant and yes, they have all kinds of penises from various animals: dog, cow, sheep, horse, monkey, donkey, and the list goes on.

We ordered small portions of cow and dog penises to be served hotpot style. Though we were excited, we were also freaked out on what it would be like to see and eat one.

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

This dish actually looks like a squid when cooked. Had they told me it’s a squid I could have devoured it with so much gusto. It’s tender but not juicy. It’s texture sticks to your hard palate for a while even after you gulped two glasses of soda. I closed my eyes on my first bite and thought it’s a just a jelly, as suggested by a friend. After a piece and a half slice, I surrendered my chopsticks down. Ewww!

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

I have eaten a dog meat before – because I was tricked that was pork. When everyone finished eating dinner, my mum boldly told us how we liked the dog meat. I thought she was jesting but no, she wasn’t. I went straight to the restroom and tried very hard to throw up.

When the dog penis meat was served in front of us, the me-eating-dog experience came back and I decided right there not to touch the dog meat. I just took a photo of it and was surprised to know that the dog’s penis has a bone! A bone! Yes, a bone! Can you believe that? It thought all penises are muscles! 😀 

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

Penis restaurant in Beijing, China.

If it’s a hotpot-style food, expect these to be served along with the meat: sweet soup, sesame, pepper, and garlic.

It was an experience alright. But, I’d say, I’d never ever try it again. The experience freaked me out and right now, I can still clearly visualise how the dish looked like and how it was served.

At lunch today, I thought about it. This will, for sure, linger in my memory for a while – before I could get over it. 

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  1. suzy
    March 13, 2010 at 12:41 PM #

    well i was very intrigued by the bone thing and i googled it today to find out that many animals have a bone in their penis(like cats,bats,skunks,bears and primates) so the fuwuyuan lied to us…:D

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