Paltadungkar Restaurant

Couple of weeks ago, we went to this Tibetan restaurant around Dongzhimen and was treated to a performance of this Tibetan guy who skillfully played his traditional Tibetan musical instrument (whatever the name is).

The restaurant’s name is PALTADUNGKAR.  

It has a very Tibetan interior decor with soft light, mostly red, and silk curtains hanging everywhere. Once you enter, there’s a smell of burned joss sticks that permeates the air. Going up to the second floor is an interesting short climb on the stairs itself where you will be enthralled with unique Tibetan objects that glowed like genuine artifacts of old yore.

Though the Tibetan staff (yes, they all are) were not really that trained to welcome customers, they tried hard to please us. The interior seems authentic and well, at least, there’s a feeling of Tibet culture in there.

Paltadungkar Restaurant from wideye shut on Vimeo.

The food was ok. Or I don’t even know what a palatable, excellent food is! :))

As long as it suits my taste, I really never care about if it’s good or better than the other or the best evah. Who knows? When stomach grumbles for the glorious food in front of you, would you think of comparing?

For sure, some people do. That’s their talent and I don’t have it. I love food but I don’t have any freaking idea what a good food should be.

One dish that left impression on me is the deep fried ribs which are just—-marvelous to the sense of taste! I savored it the way I savored….. you know…. :))

But the yak milk is gross! At least for me. It’s not just my cup of liquid. Yuck.

If ever you wanna go there, make sure to be there before 7:30 so you could catch a performance of their resident musician. He actually only rendered us two songs but due to the demand of our huge group, he obliged to play one.


Area: Dongzhimen (Outer NE 2nd Ring Rd)
Xindong Rd Floor 2
(near the Canadian Embassy)
Daily 11:00am-midnight

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