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Myrtle Beach Vacation Florida

Five Reasons to Use a Digital Camera Instead of a Smartphone on Your Next Myrtle Beach Vacation

There’s no denying that smartphone technology has made life easier and more convenient than ever before. You no longer need a phone that’s separate from your planner that’s separate from your MP3 player. It’s all in one device! Having a camera with recording capabilities has made snapping pictures and documenting memories a lot easier too. […]

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Bookaway Review Travel Blog

Bookaway Review: Ground And Sea Travel Made Easy

Traveling around the world has become a lot easier over the last few years. You can find flights through simple Google searches, use or Airbnb for accommodation, and swipe your debit or credit card for purchases in foreign currencies. But travel within foreign countries can be difficult. Finding the best way to get between […]

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Stephansdom Cathedral in Vienna

Stephansdom in Vienna – A Cathedral With Multi-colored Roof Tiles

The Stephansdom in Vienna is, perhaps, the most-visited of all tourist attractions in the city. Apart from its towering Gothic tower, its multi-colored roof tiles are ones that you will recognize instantly. When I asked a friend who lives there now on where I can take a photo with my rainbow wig, she didn’t blink […]

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Brandenburg Tor - Your Gate to Berlin

At Brandenburg Tor in Berlin, History Happened

The Brandenburg Tor is the first tourist attraction I visited on my first day in Berlin. It’s an imposing neoclassical gate that appears conspicuously in almost every postcard in the city. Throughout its existence, the Brandenburg Gate bears witness to a tumultuous history of the city and country. And at the same time, it’s an […]

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Calgary Wonderland

Wonderland Sculpture is Calgary’s Most Impressive Public Art

I have no doubt that the Wonderland Sculpture in Calgary is the city’s most impressive public art. It is unique, a head-turner, and great work of art. You have never been to Calgary if you haven’t seen, stood and wander in and around it. Yes, you have to walk around it – both near and […]

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Cruise Vacations

Two Cruise Ships You Must Definitely Experience Once in Your Lifetime

Many people think that cruise vacations are either for older people or couples going on their honeymoon. You should know, however, that different cruise ships aim at the often wildly diverse clientele. A cruise can be the most romantic vacation for couples imaginable. Cruise ships offer beautiful views from your cozy cabins. They also have […]

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Peace Bridge in Calgary Things to Do

This Peace Bridge in Calgary is a Photogenic Place to be

The Peace Bridge in Calgary looks like a bullet train – at least from afar. It also looks like a web, a cocoon, or something futuristic which a machine could come out of it swiftly. Or does it look like a puzzle, too? Oh yeah, it does look like that of a finger trap puzzle […]

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Calgary Views Take Photo Skyline Travel Canada

Calgary Skyline – Where to See and Take the Best Photos

Calgary skyline can be seen best once you go across the Bow River from downtown. The hills on the opposite side of the city will never fail to show you the city’s panoramic views from sunrise to sundown. As someone who loves city skyline, my first itinerary on my first day in Calgary was to visit […]

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Dinagat Islands Surigao Philippines Travel Blog

Discovering the Dinagat Islands

The alarm wakes me up at three in the morning. It’s time to get up and catch the 3:30 bus for Surigao City from Butuan City. By 7, the early morning breeze kisses me as I sit in a motorized boat. Today, I am crossing the Pacific Ocean through Surigao Strait. I’m on my way […]

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Cultural Places to Visit in Shanghai Skyline from the Bund

Six Cultural Places to Visit in Shanghai

Shanghai is a massive city in China, located on its central coast. It is China’s biggest city and financial hub/capital. In the heart of the city is a famous waterfront with buildings from the colonial era, mostly of British influence. They call it “The Bund.” The city itself is home to a fast lifestyle of […]

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