NXNE 2011: Fucked Up

While the Fucked Up Band (NXNE 2011 Festival) were still busy preparing their musical instruments, I already positioned myself right in front of the stage. I’m not really a punk music lover but curious about it so I came—first ever in my life!

When the lead vocalist started to sing, the riot (read: pushing and elbowing) began and my tiny pysique was pliant like a bamboo darting from one person to another. I wasn’t prepared! I was tinkering my camera features when the commotion began. Hell, I wasn’t much protecting myself from all those shoving but I was determined to cover my camera with my fragile asian bod. I didn’t know how I got out from there but I am sure I was struggling getting out. Hahahahahaha…

And I didn’t get out without a “remembrance” from my first punk concert: aside from pushing me hard here and there, somebody spat me on my head! It’s soooooo gross!

But, the good thing is: it’s just saliva, not a sticky phlegm! Hehehehehe…









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