The Mighty Niagara Falls

I am lucky.

So lucky that in less than a week since landing here in the land of maple trees, I had the chance of visiting the MIGHTY NIAGARA FALLS. It was so mighty that, as a witness to one of the world’s greatest wonders, I can’t fathom it’s mightiness, grandeur and beauty.

It truly, madly, deeply captivated the camwhore in me!

Niagara is an hour and a half from Toronto by car. You can also take a train or take the bus operated by the casinos for 5 dollars only. Cheap.

I don’t wanna talk too much about the trip. Let’s play pictionary, shall we?

The bridge connects the two countries: Canada and the USA. And guess what’s its name? Rainbow Bridge. No kidding. 

When we went back in Toronto around 8:00 pm, we had a very sumptuous dinner at Glenda and Aaron’s place. I had my first delicious, well-done beef steak in this country! Our conversation was diverse: from sex to fetish to gayness to politics to fashion to food to whatever.What a mighty day!

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