New York Times Square

We all dream that one day, we’d be able to sit, walk, stroll in and around New York Times Square. When you’re in there, life is busy, in constant movement with the world around. With people from all walks of life walking around, the world seems so small yet so big and populated. The towering skyscrapers are urban symbols of progress, hope and human achievements. The bright lights blind and bathe you in wonder!

Here are more photos of the Times Square before Hurricane Irene came today.

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Life is bustling in New York Times Square.

Life is bustling in New York Times Square.

New York Times Square

Billboards of any kinds, sizes and colors glitter throughout the night at the Times Square in New York.

Times Square New York

People of all colors congregate at New York Times Square.

New York Times Square

The skyscrapers are endless.

Times Square New York Yellow cab

The very New York yellow cabs.

Times Square New York.

Sit and relax. Enjoy people-watching at New York Times Square.

Times Square New York

New York is a bustling cosmopolis.

Times Square New York

Must-see to do around here: watch a musical.

Times Square New York

Times Square New York.

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