Montreal: Latin Quarter

Montreal Latin Quarter is bustling with life of different dimensions—and I mean it in a good way. Its the melting pot of all kinds of hedonists, from the backpackers to yuppies to socialites. I tried 4 restaurants in the area and theyre just ok. But, dont take my word for it. Afterall, Im a rice person, so….

The bar scene is loud and always packed with patrons with their drinks and a cigarette in one hand. Once I smell a cig inside the venue, Id be out in a flash. I dont wanna come out of the cave and smell like charcoal. The watering holes here are mostly open until the last habitue leaves. Even some restos and cafes are open 24 hours.

If youre a bon vivant and on a backpackers budget, stay at Le Jazz St. Denis where its a very short walk from all the pleasures you seek. Youll get a bunk bed for less than 20 bucks and that includes a wifi and breakfast (mostly a bread and peanut butter/nutella). However, funny thing happened when I was there: the hostels power was cut off because, according to them, they didnt pay the bill. And we were told that it should be back the next day. So, I asked for a candle to lit up our dark room but was told, “Oh, you should buy your own.” WTF. Its as if, the power outage was my fault? Fail.


Montreal Latin Quarter


Montreal Latin Quarter

Montreal Latin Quarter

Montreal Latin Quarter

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