Mama Mia Sing-A-Long

Who doesn’t know the song Mama Mia is probably not human. Even if you are, you are definitely not a fabulous SUPER TROUPERneanderthal.

Therefore, your life is very, very, very boring. No glam. You definitely need SOS from the rest of us.

Electric Shadows, who gave us the unforgettable SOUND OF MUSIC Sing-A-Long Night last November, brought back their famous Sing-A-Long Night via the musical movie, what else, but, MAMA MIA!   

And boy, the DANCING QUEENs rocked The Boat Bar last Friday while dancing and singing along to that familiar music of ABBA.

They sang MONEY, MONEY, MONEY like a pro slut who’s ready to roll and say, LAY ALL YOUR LOVE ON ME and TAKE A CHANCE ON ME.

They drank and raised their glasses like they were just SLIPPING THROUGH THEIR FINGERS.

They went around to make sure everyone’s upbeat and in the mood to swing their butts or sing to their heart’s content.

When everyone was already inebriated, they sang GIMME, GIMME, GIMME A MAN AFTER MIDNIGHT even better—enough to land a record deal. :))

Sing, dance and drink as if there’s no tomorrow—was THE NAME OF THE GAME for the whole night of musical debauchery.

As I snaked around the place to document the awesomeness of the event and people, I thought of asking each one of them, DOES YOUR MOTHER KNOW that you’re here? 🙂

When Meryll Streep and Pierce Brosnan sang their sad duet, THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL, everyone belted out the words and lyrics like it’s the most magical moment of the evening.

Then, at the end of that powerful song, someone asked me, VOULEZ-VOUS (Do you want) a drink? I gracefully refused. Doctor’s advise.

The beauty of intoxicating yourself with alcohol is that you TAKE A CHANCE on your musical prowess–no matter how out-of-tune your voice is.

And then ….. the wedding scene came ….. lots of confetti and silver dusts flew into the air that made the place like a wonderland and perhaps, to exaggerate, made someone said, I HAVE A DREAM like this.

, everyone got up to their feet and ruled the dance floor. Badly.


It’s something that unites everyone. Sober or not.


First Ever Sing-A-Long In Beijing/ SOUND OF MUSIC

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