Maizal’s Toilet Door

A toilet is called in many names around the world: restroom, comfort room, powder room, washroom, bathroom, W.C. etc… They’re designed in a thousand ways, too. But this one (shown above) is one that’s so unique–the first I’ve seen in my life. While most toilets have boring designs and almost the same, the toilet at MAIZAL (is a Spanish word which means cornfield), on Jefferson Street in Liberty Village (Toronto) is one that you would love to check out — out of curiosity. MAIZAL, will have its opening on June 8, 2012, Friday. So, be there and have blast devouring Mexican food.

The door is actually an old refrigerator door decorated with replica of fruits, eggs, milk–and anything you see in your ref at home. While you comfortably sit on the toilet seat, you’re faced with a dilemna of reaching out to one of these yummy produce in front of you.

Defecating and eating, should they be done at the same time? LOL…


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