Last Day at Work

Today was my last day at work. I had an exam so it’s a perfect way to end the class. Someone failed and he can’t anymore bother me with question, “Why, teacher? Why I didn’t pass?” It’s been one of the most dreaded questions that I really, really hate to answer from my students. Why can’t they just submit to my power and reflect before asking? Hehehehe…

Anyway, right after I finished checking the papers (which was a breeze because there were only 4 who took the test out of 7 students), K, a colleague summoned me to the VIP room and to my surprise, there were bottles of softdrink on the table and a cake!

I was touched. Truly. I didn’t expect it. All I thought was that it’s gonna end just like any other day before weekend starts. But, I was wrong. My colleagues had prepared sort of a snack which we ate with much gusto coupled with few (or some) nasty conversations. Hahahaha…

They gave me a card with messages of the teachers I worked with in Jianwai Soho branch. There were also a pair of red sunglasses and a poker set for two. I dunno how to play poker but, well, I’ve got something to do while hunting and waiting for a job in Canada.

Thank you, guys!

After our little merienda / snack, my students invited me for a farewell lunch. We went to this Sichuan restaurant in Dongzhimen where we had chicken, fish, frog, duck blood and beans dishes—all spicy. Really spicy.

Thank you boys!

After that, I went home to drop off my bag and grabbed my camera for an afternoon shooting.

I walked a bit around the area where I live and went to the bank where the waiting was like forever.

After the excruciating agony of waiting, I got on a bus to the subway line 10.

My foot led me to the Olympic Park—to see the beauty and grandeur of the Bird’s Nest at night. And such never failed to show me how grand it is at night!

 I didn’t go inside. I already have good pictures of the place but NOT the one like above. When I was on my way back to the subway, I saw these group of senior citizens dancing en masse. I was glued there for a while and videotaped their redundant steps.

This is one of the things I’d miss about Beijing–it’s people.

Well, not all though. :))

When I grow old, I wanna be like them. BUT, I will revolutionize the steps into something that goes with the time. Pole-dancing, perhaps? :)) 


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  1. suzy
    April 3, 2010 at 7:09 AM #

    i hate banks in china…i love the idea with the pole-dancing…i HATE that you are leaving china…i LOVE that is better for you to do so…i so gonna miss you!

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