Ladies of Caribana 1

Caribana Festival is an annual festival in Toronto to celebrate the vibrant culture, music, dance and people of countries in the Caribbean. Its a massive celebration which ends today with the most disorganized parade I’ve ever seen from 10:00 – 6:00 p.m. Imagine a parade that lasts for 8 hours! Beat that.

The parade is not just loooonggggg but also delayed. And its NOT continuous. I pity those people who were waiting at the parade street (which is so narrow) that they had to endure the agony of waiting under the scorching sun before the next set of dancers would appear.

Gezz, Caribana people, get your act together–be systematic and improve your choreography! Its crap. After the performance / contest, the dancers just threw away some of their props on the side street and trash were everywhere. Disgusting.

Its my first Caribana Festival and I was half-impressed! And that means, its gonna be my first and last Caribana!

The dancers, the costumes, the music, the beat and the saucy dance moves never failed to amaze me. They creativity impressed me much and the huge props alone were, for sure, gargantuan tasks.


Obviously, it was a parade of skimpy-clad women of all sizes and colors. The costumes were bright, colorful and stunning! I love all their headdresses but not the rubber shoes that go with their super uber fantabulous costume!


There were men, of course, but were overshadowed by the presence of women who titillated them with their nasty, pumping butt moves—which I loved, by the way. :))

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2 Responses to “Ladies of Caribana 1”

  1. CHRIS
    August 1, 2010 at 1:05 AM #

    Wow! Beautiful photos and hot women. I want moooreee!!!!!

  2. CHRIS
    August 1, 2010 at 1:05 AM #

    Wow! Beautiful photos and hot women. I want moooreee!!!!!

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