Kony 2012 Toronto

Kony 2012
Dundas/Yonge Square

Toronto wasn’t really gaga over Kony 2012. There were only very few people who went there to support the cause, mostly young people. That must have been caused by the negative press the organization received. I was there to support, too. But, when rain started to pour, I had to go home because I had this cough that’s pissing me off since Monday. I didn’t leave without giving them the posters I had with me.

These young guys led the Cover The Night event at Yonge/Dundas Square last night. They braved the rain and the waning turn-out of the worldwide event. Good job, guys!

Some didn’t have the KONY 2012 posters and tshirts, but they never came unprepared. Nice touch.


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