K’Naan Opens Luminato 2012

K at Luminato 2012

Somali-born KNaan opens Luminato 2012 at the Festival Stage in David Picaut Square on King Street last night. Despite the weathermans forecast of rain, the night turned out to be warm and perfect for a concert where everybody were having a good time banging, jumping, clapping and singing to KNaans beats and tunes. I thought that KNaans songs only appeal to hiphop die hards and teenagers, but boy, was I wrong! While teenagers were shouting to the top of their lungs last night, people from all ages actually found themselves stomping their feet, banging their heads and waiving their hands. Good music, like KNaans never fails to entertain and unite people.

Knaan usually sang the songs from his new album. Few were the ones from his past albums. The high school studs behind me were singing so loud, feeling like theyre in a boyband. I forgave them for their devotion and effort to sound sick.

Knaan shot to fame when his song, “Wavin Flag” was chosen by Coca Cola to be the official themesong for the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

See Knaan sweating in last nights performance in this VIDEO.


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