I Love Beirut

A lot of cities around the world are joining the fad of installing “I Love …” signs. We have that, too, in my city – Toronto. These signs are usually placed in downtown area or where locals congregate. Or in touristy neighbourhoods.

Beirut, of course, has one. Its “I Love Beirut” sign is found at the lovely Beirut Souks.

I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

This is a trendy shopping area where fashionistas abound. Boy, I couldn’t get my eyes off those chic Lebanese men here. 😀

I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

But, one thing I noticed is that, shopping here is a bit more expensive than shopping in Toronto or NYC. You’ll find international brands and fabulous restaurants that serve local cuisine. The good thing is, it’s not touristy and crowded.

I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

I Love Beirut Sign (Lebanon).

Where to stay in Beirut / Hostel in Beirut

I stayed at Grand Hotel Beirut, a 4-star hotel on Hamra Street, the heart of Beirut. It’s a few steps to local restaurants and shops – where you can observe local life. You can book it via HostelWorld and

To get to Beirut Souks, you have to take a taxi or Uber.

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