Japan: Hiroshima: Japanese Teenagers Singing

Day 16: Hiroshima: Japanese Teenagers Singing

While passing through a bridge this afternoon, I heard singing voices of young people singing to their heart’s content.

I have no idea where it came from so I stopped.

Listened to where the voices were.

I walked a bit and there……. I found them under the bridge!

They were young Japanese boys singing their hearts out under the bridge and by the same river where the Atomic Bomb was dropped at 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945. 

Japanese Boys Singing from wideye shut on Vimeo.

I won’t call them frustrated singers. They can sing, for sure. They are still honing their skills for stardom or maybe, just to pass their time away instead of watching porn or playing video games.

I stayed with them for an hour and listened to their voices.

I very much need it—live music after these sightseeing things I’ve done these days.

It was like I had break and I spent it in a good way.

I sat with them and they tried to talk to me in broken English. It didn’t matter to me. I was brought there by fate to listen to the music that I don’t even know what the words meant.

Music is a universal language, indeed.

They were actually shy at first. They won’t sing. They just strummed their guitar but later on, they got used to my presence and there…. they sang as if it’s the greatest performance of their life.

I’m the one who is a frustrated singer. I can’t carry a tune. I can’t distinguish what a good or a bad voice is. I’m tone deaf, you know. 🙁

I love music but music doesn’t love me, obviously.

Before I said sayonara to them, I asked we could have a group picture.


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