The throat-singing Mongolian band, HANGGAI, would never, ever fail to amaze you.

After hearing about them since last year, I finally witnessed a solid rock performance of the famed band that moved up everybody to their seats and pumped the dance floor as hard as they could.

They just don’t rock the house that is Yugong Yishan but they impressed me with their kind of music though I don’t understand the lyrics of what they were singing.

I was simply blown away by the sheer power of their throaty voice. 😉

Music, indeed, is a universal language.

Throat singing is, perhaps, odd to some—as it was to me. When I heard them playing last night, I shrieked like a high school starlet—in my throat shrieking voice, of course. :))

The performance below is about people drinking and cheering to their hearts’ contents.

Hanggai from wideye shut on Vimeo.

Here’s an info about them written by Sarah Bardeen from their website:

When Beijing-based punk rocker Ilchi heard throat singing for the first time, he was determined to investigate his family’s Inner Mongolian heritage. He journeyed there, met two traditional musicians named Hugejiltu and Bagen, and soon Hanggai was born. Based in Beijing but devoted to traditional Mongolian songs, Hanggai’s spacious, undeniably gorgeous music has won it many fans.

Hanggai sing about Mongolian Robin Hoods, mix throat singing with rock instruments, and dress like men of the steppes even though they live in the teeming metropolis of Beijing. But embodying contradictions comes naturally to ethnic minorities in China — only this time it’s different.

With their elegant songs, top-notch production and strangely familiar tunes, Hanggai have made the leap from folk phenomenon to crossover pioneers — without losing their soul. Built from — and meant for — Mongolia’s wide open spaces, this music will make you homesick for a place you’ve never been.

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