Halloween Party

Beijing has its kinky side unknown to many.

 Last Saturday night at TUN Bar in Sanlitun, while everyone dressed up in their super glam fashion and scary masks and face paints to attend Halloween parties scattered around the city, Queer Comrades brought out SMUT, a party for those who are into the wild, leathery side and to those who are curious about it.

In short, it’s a party for those who are into the wild, leathery side and to those who are curious about it.

It turned out that not only the queer leather fans showed up and gave delicious butt spanks to anyone but also the heteros came and wandered around—perhaps, in search of a perfect dominant master or ideal submissive slave.

It was not just a party with alcohol and gay dance tunes.

It was an SM-pectacular Halloween Party featuring deviant delights, dominatrix-drag shows, kinky performances, wicked drink special and spanking DJs!

Queer Comrades won’t leave you unsatisfied.

 The short frizzy fashion show where the participants wore shiny, body-hugging, skimpy leather—to the delights of the audience who were left speechless (a.k.a: mouths wide open) during the performances.

But, some admirers just couldn’t shut up. They cheered for the one they thought was hot.

The harder the performer spank, the louder the cheers were.

I never heard the les-comrades in Beijing cheered so loud and mighty! Wow!  

Mei-mei, who is a queer celeb in the gay community and wh

ose life was a subject of a documentary, rendered an arousing song. 

He picked one of the guys from the audience and sexually aroused him by her wandering touches and sexually-charged singing voice.

Priscilla, Queen of the Peasants, (of course, that’s his stage name) gave an exceptional singing performance that left the crowd stomping their happy feet.

When the kinky shows were over, the DJ spanked everyone with his not-so-kinky music (I guess, he’s not into kinky stuff, huh?) but enough to bring out some kinky moves and flirt
with strangers.

And speaking of flirting, I did it — with a stranger.

It turned out that the old, bear guy with a perfect set of teeth next to him was his boyfriend who just smiled and cool enough to introduce himself to me.


What a weird way to meet people on Halloween. :))

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