Gloria Gaynor Concert

Yes, THE Gloria Gaynor we both know. If you dont know, u are just like me—-before. I danced to her music every time I heard it—for years, but, I really didnt know the voice behind the song, “I WILL SURVIVE.” Not, until I graduated from university when I had the awakening: how foolish of me not to know the artist of the song that became my dance anthem!

There WAS a time in my life that the song was synonymous to me. My friends (especially friends I made in Beijing!) know by heart that when the music is played on the air, you dont need to drag me because Ill drag you even if you only know how to gyrate with your right foot. I just dont dance to it. I become wild. Think of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Beyonce rolled into one! The spotlight is utterly mine and nobody else. Ask any bars in Beijing! Hahahahaha… Ok, thats a BIT of exaggeration now. Hahahaha… Right, Trish? Right, Ate Danica?

So yesterday afternoon, despite the cold wind and rainshower, I dragged a friend to come with me to Glorias concert at The Ex! For $16 entrance fee, its nothing—considering we were so close to her. Like, you can totally reach her—if you have a hand like Yao Ming

As I was in euphoria last night and saw the singer herself, I remembered my friends—many of them—who I danced with this song—in sober and wasted plight. 

The crowd, as expected, went so gaga and for 6 minutes, the venue turned into an outdoor disco area where everybody sang and danced like wild horses in the open ranch—ignoring the cold, windy weather brought by Hurricane Earl.

Before Gloria came out, THE DRIFTERS entertained the waiting crowd for an hour which I think is tooooooo long for an opening act. I have no idea who they are as they were mentioning their heydays in the 50s, 60s and 70s! But, I recognized three of the songs they sang. I heard it from my mom who used to sing them as a lullaby. The main artist, Gloria, only sang for 30 minutes! Yes, half an hour! Only! And the technical aspect was crap. Even Ms. Gaynor herself wasnt happy—that she just sang one song in acapella. Shit happens I know, on live performances, but songs got mixed up when she performed while The Drifters performed without any interruptions. That was a really major major crap!   

I WILL SURVIVE isnt just a disco song but its also a gay song. Oh no, Glorias last name, GAYnor, has definitely nothing to do with it. Watch this video clip from the movie, THE ADVENTURES OF PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT, and youll know what I mean.

Or, ask any Australian. Especially, Thomas D! :))


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