Japan: Geishas in Kyoto

Day 12:  Geishas in Kyoto

Hanami-jori in Kyoto, where, if lucky, visitors will be able to spot a geisha or a maiko.

For reference, a MAIKO is an apprentice geisha.

I don’t really know the difference between the two.

The movie, Memoirs of a Geisha, which starred a Chinese actressZhang Ziyi, clearly pointed out the difference but not on the difference of their dress.

I have seen five geishas.

Or maybe, maikos.

Who knows?

At 5:30, p.m., a lot of foreign and local visitors crowded the Hanami-jori street to spot geishas or maikos.

A lot of people went away after an hour and they all missed the geishas / maikos who came out at 6:50 p.m. on their way to their appointment.

The ones who remained on the streets are the ones like me—hardcore geisha fan.

Camera flashes lit up the street.

I thought the geishas are graceful when they walk, move and talk.

I didn’t hear them talk but they walked like some paparazzis are gonna eat them alive.

They should be taught how to catwalk!

And they don’t smile.

Why is that? They’re such snob and snotty, yeah?

Ok, whatever their reasons are, I’ll take them.

Their world is still a mystery that no one knows why they STILL do it today.


Breakfast at McDonalds: Yen 480 (My first ever breakfast in Japan)
Bottled Water: Yen 467
Asahi Beer: Yen 180
Lunch: Yen 398
Dinner: Yen 821

TOTAL: YEN 1,546 (USD 17)

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