My Top Five Galleries / Museums in London

Paying nothing to enter almost all galleries / museums in London is one of the best things about living in the city. They’re yours to see, admire and love. After visiting these 5 museums / galleries, I must say that nothing can be better than treading the floors of these destinations in a pursuit to have a rendezvous with some of the world-famous collections. Perhaps, if you’re living in this amazing city, going into these galleries (remember, it’s free!) is the best way to kill time.

Let me share this list.

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London.

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London.

My Top Five Galleries / Museums in London

1. Tate Modern

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London (Tate Modern)

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London (Tate Modern)

Situated along the South Bank, and opened in 2000, the Tate Modern houses some of the most spectacular ancient exhibits like that of the Pablo Picasso’s “Figure dans un Fauteuil”. I know it’s hard to pronounce, but let me tell you, it is a one-of-its-kind spectacle. All of the shapes forming the perfectly distressed image is more than worthy of everyone’s eyes. This is not all, however. The art gallery also has art relics from the time of Piet Mondrian, and particularly, his “Composition C” is a big eye-catcher. These are the permanent instalments of the gallery among other absorbing art pieces dotted along the walls of the gallery.

And most of all, when you’re done exploring the collections, go upstairs and enjoy a glass of wine and the view.

2. The British Museum 

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London (British Museum).

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London (British Museum).

I bet you must have seen this one. If you haven’t, then you’re missing out seeing the artefacts displayed here that span from times immemorial (almost the beginning of the human civilization) to the present modern times. Like everyone who has visited this museum, I had a chance to literally gawk at the magnificence of Rosetta Stone and the sculptures of the Parthenon. That aside, the best part of the visit for me had been the sight of the mummies from Ancient Egypt. 

Again, the entry’s free, so you shouldn’t worry about bankruptcy.

3. The National Art Gallery

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London (The National Art Gallery).

My Top 5 Galleries / Museums in London (The National Art Gallery).

Probably the most famous art gallery in England, the National Art Gallery is situated in the Trafalgar Square and it cradles exquisite collections from the 13th century to the 19th. I wasn’t only overwhelmed by the architectural beauty of the museum, but I was also dazzled by the collections therein, especially the masterpiece of J.M.W. Turner, “The Fighting Temeraire”, and Vincent Van Gogh, “Sunflowers”. Walking along the gallery, I also spotted the artworks of some of the names that I had heard in my class, for example, Vermeer, Leonardo Da Vinci, Constable, and the Holbein.

4. Imperial War Museum

I was particularly intrigued by this museum because, as it stands, I love ancient wars and everything associated with it. I got the chance to delve into the details of the holocaust and see everything in what I call a “still-action”. But more than this, I observed the huge contrast between the normal lives of the soldiers and the lives that they had on the fronts of the battlegrounds like that of the World War I and II. Looking at the relics, photos and other memorabilia – all these – will remind us that war is never a good idea. Ever.

The Tower Bridge in London.

The Tower Bridge in London.

5. The Wallace Collection

This place, for me, was rather a cosy 19th-century house more than a modern museum. I cannot be blamed for thinking that because the rooms of the compound are actually styled that way. Every room houses the collections of the majority of the famous 19th-century artists like Francois Boucher, Ruben, Ban Dyck, Simon Sainsbury, Rembrandt, Frans Hals, and J.H. Fragonard. The main attraction of the house, err… museum is the Simon Sainsbury Gallery. However, the world-wide famous paintings, Frans Hals’ “The Laughing Cavalier”, and J.H. Fragonard’s “The Swing” took me by immense surprise. 

So, that’s the list of the museums and the galleries I’ve been to. When in London and the skies are grey, what better way than spend time indoor – in a museum! You should definitely visit these places and embark on the never-ending journey of arts and history. 

Saving Tips in London

To make your trip easier, without having to worry where to go, what transport to take and without having to join the queue for the ticket, you’d better buy London Explorer or London Pass. Both can save you a lot of money and time, especially if you’re gonna be in the city for just a couple of days.


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