G20 Protest March

The G20 Protest March in Toronto yesterday ended up, generally speaking, peaceful. It should be…because the government spent 1 Billion Dollars for security alone and dispatched 19,000 police officers across the city.

Imagine that! One Billion Dollars! That’s MAYBE like the consolidated whole annual budget of 5 countries in Asia or Africa. Or maybe more.

Despite the rain that poured uncessantly from morning to half-way during the march in the afternoon, protesters were not threatened. They came in droves, in hundreds, in thousands. No rain can stop a burning heart to change the world. No rain can stop the flaming desires of young minds to fight what they believe are unfair and unjustified.
But, just when I thought it was a boring march (because of the lack of radical action), a friend sent me a text message that some protesters were burning a police car around Bay and Yong Streets. I just started feeding myself with Thai food when the news came. As much as I wanted to check it out but my my hunger was something that needed urgency and my legs were as exhausted as my body. The protest march alone was a looooooong way and after that I walked from Queen’s Park to Yonge because the subway was closed and buses were not in service.

Protesters were actually civil. Armed police officers were more civil than us, actually. We hurled invectives at them but they just ignored us. Ten minutes after the parade started, I saw some people sniffing marijuana. I saw it. Four guys in their black hoods were literally in front of me and asked me if I wanted. I just smiled and said, “No, thanks.” But, I did smell it in the air. And that was when I smelled TROUBLE. It didn’t happen in the parade, but it did happen AFTER. Too bad, I missed the violence. 😉

 There were political chants and songs as we marched. There was guy who climbed and trespassed the heavily-fenced area and challenged the police. He was, of course, arrested while we watched and screamed and booed the policemen. It was a good show of courage and force. 

There was  this one good-looking guy, too, who crossed the police line. He unzipped and took down his pants and showed them his bubble butt! That was my favorite part of the march. Awesome! Proud to be a witness! :))
Issues raised in the protest were all clearly written in posters and banners that came in different sizes, opinions, facts, colors, seriousness and humour.
These girls were, perhaps, the most fashionable protesters who came in Queen’s Park. They didn’t join the march. They came later and people swarmed around them for pictures. They posed, of course, like trying-hard models. Bravo, girls!

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2 Responses to “G20 Protest March”

  1. Sims
    June 27, 2010 at 1:32 PM #

    I like the first pic. Nice one.
    So, what’s ur stand to those who protest violently? 😉

  2. Danica
    June 28, 2010 at 10:24 AM #

    U becoming a reporter ateh!!

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