Japan: Fukuoka City

Day 19: Fukuoka City 

I left Hiroshima at around 11:39 .am.

One hour later, Im 637.2 km away.

Im at Fukuoka, a port city close to Busan in South Korea and Shanghai in China.

And yes, I took the bullet train again.

Im rich, you know. I love to spend money.


I burned 8,748 yen (98 USD!) for that bullet transport.

Fukuoka City at Night


I dont expect much of Fukuoka.

I was supposed to stay here only for a night and take the ship to Busan the next day.

But my mind is half-woman, so could be fickle-minded bitch.

When I arrived at the hostel, I was profusely sweating and I needed was an air-conditioned room to cool down.

I have no idea what to do, see, eat in this city so I had crash course with Lonely Planet and asked the hostel for the city map.

Im an organized person but for the first time, I arrived in this city without any plan at all. I just bought a train ticket and the rest is… nada.

I like the feeling of the crash course though. But, its not just my thing.

After reading and checking some few emails, I was ready to go and explore this small city.

Based on my reading, this city doesnt have much cultural stuff going on but mostly shopping and buildings.

When I say cultural stuff, these are temples which, of course, are places I dont want to see.

So, I headed to one of the citys shopping mall billed as the “Canal City.”

Youll expect a canal, of course, but not the one you imagine in Venice.

Its man-made with a fountain in it and houses lots of branded shops, restaurants, cinemas and two posh hotels.

Canal City in Fukuoka from wideye shut on Vimeo.

And oh, boy! This mall is very, very photogenic day and night!

Lonely Planet is never wrong describing it as photogenic.

Its not just the design but also the colors give a really soothing place of relaxation after your shopping spree.

Or just stand in front of the fountain and listen to its sound.

There are no benches. Stupid architect! :))

If you want to sit, take the window side of the restaurants and cafes by the canal.


Fukuoka is ramen city.

On the 5th floor of Canal City is the Ramen Stadium.

Ramen Stadium in Fukuoka from wideye shut on Vimeo.

Here, you find small ramen restaurants where its pretty crowded during lunch and dinner time.

Anywhere in this city, every corner has a ramen shop.

I went to one of these shops and ordered one for myself.

Noodles with soup is not really my stuff.

Id go for fried noodles but soup?


But, I still tried it and …….

Well, its ok, I guess. :)) 

Its cheap though.


Bullet train ticket: 8,748 yen
McDo: 720 yen
Snacks: 320 yen
Hostel for 2 nights: 4,800 yen
Dinner: 1,000 yen
Transport: 1,000 yen
Porno mag and condoms: 1,700 yen
Museum: 1,000 yen

TOTAL: 20,088 yen (USD 225)

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