My first shots of Toronto

After two days of shitty, rainy weather here, the sun finally shines and the sky was clear blue.

Since Tuesday, I did stuff that every newcomer / immigrant should do: getting an SIN, opening a bank account, visiting a community center for Filipino immigrants, getting to know places in the neighborhood, etc…

Today, I visited the University of Toronto for Continuing Studies Office to personally deliver my credentials to be assessed. That cost me, sigh, 215 Canadian dollars. Before going there, I dropped by a photocopy shop and post office (for money order)—and I was very impressed on how things were done here: FAST.

When I was the UT’s campus, I handed in my credentials and answered few questions and that was it. FAST. There wasn’t much bureaucracy involved. No queue. No waiting. And no “see this person, see that person, come back to me, you go upstairs…”

A friend was very generous with his time that he picked me up at 10:00 a.m. and drove me around. He was an excellent tour guide who told me famous landmarks in the city. Though, we only stopped in two must-see landmarks, it was an interesting ride getting to know the city by car. I don’t want to see much of it either. Not now. I just want to be told where and what is that. Seeing too much in a short
time is not exactly
what I wanted.

I’ll discover this city at my own pace.

Here are some snapshots for today:

LEFT: At the foot of the CN Tower, one of the world’s tallest.
RIGHT: At the back of Union Station. Going to Nueva York by train? Buy your tickets here.

ABOVE: Rogers Center is where sports excitement happens.
BELOW: Documenting my first fastfood in this country!

ABOVE: Church Street is the gayest street in Toronto. Even the street signs have the rainbow colors in them. WOODY’s is going to be the venue for the Opening Ceremonies of Toronto’s week-long Gay Pride celebration this month. When I passed by this area, it felt HOME. It’s my community.

BELOW: Yonge Street is the city business district. The guy on your left was playing drums and the yellow bus is a double decker that take tourists around the city.

Around 2:00 in the afternoon, Glen, dropped me off at Eaton Center so I could see Charice Pempengco who was scheduled to promote her album there at 6:00. Unfortunately, after walking  around Yonge Street for a while, I had a migraine that I decided to go back home.

THANK YOU, GLEN, for driving me around.

Tomorrow’s gonna be a start of an awesome weekend. I’ll meet a fab friend who now lives in New York and who I’ve never seen for 9 years!

Who would ever think we’re gonna see each other again—and here in Toronto?

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