Earth Hour Toronto 2012

Earth Hour Toronto 2012
Distillery District
Toronto, Canada

I’m disappointed at the turnout of the number of participants who showed up to celebrate Earth Hour at Distillery District last night. I’m not really good at estimates but I reckon, there were only 300 people who showed up. That’s too small number in a cosmopolitan city. It’s also a disappointment that Distillery District, where the event was held, didn’t even participate in turning off the lights—even for an hour in a year! There wasn’t total darkness in there!

And the most dissapointing of all, is that  Toronto has only 6.8% decrease of energy consumption from 8:30 – 9:30 last night. Though there’s a slight improvement from last year’s worst 5%, it’s still a record to be ashamed of. With this low enthusiasm, there’s no wonder we are experiencing abnormal weather temperature.

The World Wildlife Fund in Toronto should do more awareness campaign about energy conservation, especially about this event. That turnout at Distillery District was unimpressive. They should find another venue where it is accessible to all. They should make it a huuuuggggeee event so people will be motivated to participate. How? Get popular musicians/people/actor/actress, etc to show up on stage. I’m sure they’d get them for free for a good cause. ( Hello Ryan Gosling and Drake! :)) ) They could even tap schools to participate during the event.

Where were the local government officials last night?

Here’s Toronto’s shameful Earth Hour record (energy consumption):

2011: 5% reduction

2010: 10% reduction

2009: 15.1% reduction

2008: 8.7%

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah… Those numbers are better than nothing, right? But, all I’m saying is that: Toronto could do better than this!


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