Church Street Hallooween Parade 2011

Last Monday, Church Street (aka The Gay Village) turned into a place where zombies, the fabulous revellers, the scary creatures, the hotties and the shirtless teasers came in full force–in the name of Hallooween debauchery.

Church Street Halloween Parade is an annual tradition to show-off your creativity, nastiniess, demureness and kinkiness, too.

Find out who’s the fairiest of ’em all this year!

These two were inseparable. They’re the staples in an amusement park. One is boring without the other.

I love skateboarders. Especially when they have big guns (literally and figuratively!).

You be the judge. Who’s the more fabulous pair?

Obviously, the pussy cat salutes Nikki Minaj–even if the latter is allergic to fur.

They must be in different centuries.

Whoopi Goldberg is nothing compared to this knock-out nun. The bat girl has bulges so be told.


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