Christmas in Beijing

On Christmas night, the debauchery continues.

We started the evening in VERY THAI Restaurant for dinner and stayed there for three hours. Good food, great conversations, mostly centered about the “Essence of Being Korean” which actually was an interesting learning about the country and its culture.

We were literally being educated.

Christmas in Beijing

Christmas in Beijing.

When everybody was ready to go, we decided to check out LAN’s Gay Night by GAYOGRAPHIC.

What happened there?

These photos will tell you how naughty I was — no wonder the REAL Santa never dropped anything in my socks. I’ve been naughty all year round and he must be really pissed off and wondering what happened to his little altar boy eons ago.

But, who cares about Bear Santa’s gift when I have two hot, half-naked Santas ready to serve and pamper me like I was their most favorite naughty bitch! Hahahahaha…

Christmas in Beijing

 So, this is how I spent my Christmas Night in the Year of our Lord, 2009! :))

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