Christmas Debauchery Part 1

My neighbor had a cocktail partay on the Eve of Christmas

Right after I strolled Wangfujing Street (read previous entry), I went to dinner with “someone”, and kissed goodbye to each other after a hearty meal. It was a bit emotional but duh, I’m jaded at the moment.

That cheesy, sentimental song is right: some good things never last.

On Christmas Eve, of all days!

Don’t try to push my button to tell you the details. 🙂

It’s supposed to be discreet. And I won’t say any word from now on.


Back to the house slash cocktail partay at my neighbors, I came in late. I guess, I was the last person who arrived—12 minutes to midnight!

Cocktails, beer and finger foods were served and a couple of parlor games for the guests. They had this eggplant game (which I missed but saw the funny video later) that left me in stitches. It was fun.

What’s an eggplant game?
It’s basically like  grabbing the eggplant hanging and dangling at a man’s crotch.

Eight men are at the middle while nine women are circling around them prancing and dancing. When the music stops, the ladies have to grab the eggplant. The one who’s not slutty enough to grab one will be out from the game and one guy will also be dismissed. And the game continues like this until two vaginas and one eggplant left. The lady who will grab the last eggplant will be proclaimed a slut! Hahahahahaha!!!

And then, there’s this tomato dance.

I didn’t touch nor drink anything there. Some friends asked and noticed why I looked tired. I guess, when you’re getting old, you don’t anymore know how to masterly hide your emotions.

Of course, I was already full and a morsel of food won’t anymore fit in my tiny stomach.

A drink? I can’t really explain why I haven’t had one, except, as tiny shot of the Tanduay Rhum, Philippine’s best rhum, they say, which was handed to me by the host.

With Dj Elvis. Sorry, B, you missed this! :))


After midnight, few friends and I went to the opening of The Lantern, Sanlitun’s newest addition to tens of bars out there.

The Lantern is at the basement of 3.3 Mall. This newly-opened bar actually looks like an old White Rabbit, only with a bigger space.

As we descended the stairs, the music was blaring and my intuition told me that it’s Elvis playing. He’s my fave DJ in Beijing!

Holy cow, was I right! When I saw him at the DJ Booth, I was literally in ecstasy! Elvis was gorgeously playing in his very natural self. After finding a spot to put our cloaks, I snaked through the dancing crowd, stood in front of him and took some delicious photos. :))

Then, I told my friend B to check out the DJ. And all she said was, “You have to introduce me to him! He’s hot!” I promised I would but she was too weak to wait for him finished playing. Sorry B, I waited and got him. And I told him you do like him! He just smiled. 😉

I danced. But, not wildly. I was not intoxicated yet. Elvis’ music ALWAYS makes me a “dancerous” hedonists no matter what state I am.

I stopped and sat in the couch from time to time because my stomach was such a pain in the ass. Who knows, it might be my kidney or liver, etc…

When two Spanish friends arrived at 2:00 a.m., we had a drink and left the place for White Rabbit.

White Rabbit

I was at White Rabbit’s during its opening some weekends ago. The place was sooooo full that one can’t even breath if you were sober.

Good thing was that I was already properly intoxicated from Neon Party before that and breathing in a crowded hole was not really very difficult as I am already used to it.

On Christmas morning, at 2:00-ish a.m., the place was still crowded when we arrived. Hooligans and hedonists came in full throttle: wasted and talking gibberish.

White Rabbit is still a good place to be in the ungodly hours of the morning. The music always never disappoints everyone but the place is such a tiny hole not enough to be wild and throw your arms in the air like an electro maniac who is in parole from jail.

I saw some friends there and I was glad to see lots of homos on the dance floor strutting like nymph, seducing every one! :))

At 5:30 a.m., I decided to go home.

When I arrive at the lobby door of my apartmentbuilding, there’s a guy smiling and waiting her majesty—that’s me.

We besos and greeted each other Merry Christmas. He wrapped me around his arms and we walked to the elevator quietly.

And the rest is HISTORY.

That was our last “hurrah” together.

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