Chocolate Club Beijing

Chocolate Club in Beijing.

Chocolate Club in Beijing.

Tucked in the basement of one of the commercial buildings (or was it a parking lot?) in the West Gate of Ritan, Park, CHOCOLATE Club is not your regular club where you gotta sweat dancing all night long uninterrupted.

After three visits in the bar in three different seasons, I’d fearlessly say that CHOCOLATE IS SORT OF A GAY CLUB with a twist! 

While their hot, delicious Russian dancers draw crowd, the truth of the matter is, these dancers are just there for the horny male customers who never tire of staring at their booties.

And these girls can actually dance! They’re pro in what they do and seduction is an art that they’re good at — no doubt. They hypnotize the male audience with their pouty lips and sticky gazes that revolves around man’s cockiness.

They are, perhaps, Beijing’s ultimate showgirls!

And believe me, they’re so good that, for sure, if the lights were out, men would grab whatever they could grab.
The stars of the show are not the dancers itself. They’re just the camouflage of these three drag queens who were trying hard to make everyone laugh but very unsuccessful.

While it is true that most of the customers are Russians and it is but fitting that they speak in Russian, I still don’t think that the drag numbers are appropriate in such bar where it’s known to have sensuous nymphs performing arousing numbers: from pole dancing to seducing teachers to interpretative, choreographed dances that has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song itself. 🙂

 And oh, those drag qu

eens always left the stage with very few (close to rare) people applauding them. Based on their actions and the way they talk, it was funny. If I understood what they said, perhaps, I would have been laughing so hard—but no. I stood there like the rest of my friends. Clueless.

For sure, their stand-up acts were funny. But, maybe, just maybe, the Russian audience were homophobic elitist who refused to understand that some of their kinds perform those acts in public.

Call it pride and prejudice.

And oh, there was this guy, I think he’s the choreographer who sang “I Will Survive” and it was sooooooooo dead version of the song that left me wondering how on earth he murdered such one of the national anthems in the gay community!

No offense meant but he really should edit it out from his repertoire. It’s not his song.

If Simon Cowell was in the audience, he could have pressed the button right at the first sentence of the song.

The finale of the 30-minute show was the lap dance when the showgirls and the lone male straight (maybe) dancers go around the audience and give lap dance to those they think would give them tips by giving them an arousing lap dance.

Mike, the Stud, called the lone male dancer to our table and a friend handed me a hundred kuai bill so I could insert it in his undie.

But, an unfortunate thing happened. He just danced in front of me, seducing me, but he was not good enough to rea
lly turn me on. I motion
ed him to my lap but he just looked and perhaps, he figured out that I’m into guys. He continued dancing for a minute and when he spotted a girl friend of mine, Jo, who was holding my camera, he went forward to her and gave her a real lap dance.

My hundred kuai was saved. Why would I give it to him when I don’t get what I wanted?

But, Jo, was just giggling, despite my encouragement to touch him for me. She was the luckiest girl and has the longest hair that night.

Three minutes later, a girl dancer came to our table and ensnared our girl friend who never winked an eyelash. I didn’t see but I think she inserted the hundred kuai on her lingerie strap. She got what she wanted so it was worth it.

Chocolate, anyone?

I love it.


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