Calle Las Damas

Calle Las Damas
La Zona Colonial
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

La Zona Colonial (Colonial Zone) in Santo Domingo is DIRTY. There are only very few trash cans and when you can see one, it’s super full. Litters are literally everywhere in the area and it’s disgusting.

The cleanest street around here is the Calle Las Damas (pictured above). You know why? That’s because there’s a posh hotel here and few government offices. That explains the shiny cars in the photo.

La Zona Colonial is an area where ALL tourists go to see some ancient colonial architecture, culture, history and meet local people. Some of these buildings are impressive and the museums around this area are worth visiting BUT there are no English brochures to be given after paying the entrance fee. There are even no translations in each relic captions. So, you better explore the place with a local friend or a tour guide.

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