Beijing Santacon

Despite the windy, freezing coldness, Naughty and Nice Santas came in droves to spread holiday cheers, love, hug and alcohol to the Beijing rens.

Santacon started at noon in two different Poles of Beijing: The Northwest Pole (Pyro at Wudaoko) and the Southeast Pole(The Bricks in Shuangjing).

Santas from these two Poles energized themselves with alcohol for the freezing temperature under a clear, blue afternoon sky, a rare weather in Beijing’s winter.

 At Tiananmen Square

Participants from these two Poles convened at Tiananmen Square to the delight of the Chinese crowd and foreign tourists. The former, of course, took every opportunity to take pictures with some slightly drunk and sober Santas who never tire themselves of posing with people who know no other pose but showing the V sign.  

I really didn’t know what exactly happened there at the Tiananmen since I arrived there when everybody was on their way to the Drum and Bell Tower. But here’s what I heard from another Santa:

“The atmosphere at Tiananmen Square was festive –Chinese and foreign tourists seemed surprised and happy to see us, most of the guards just looked on as we spread holiday cheer. We couldn’t walk more than a few meters without being asked to pose for photos by smiling tourists.”

Beijing Santacon.

Beijing Santacon.

I was late, yes, because I have to finish my class until 3:00 pm. I rushed to Tiananmen Square to meet the rest of the 30-40 Santas but I failed to join them there.

When I arrived at The Square gate, I have to pass by the security guards and one of them was asking what I was gonna do there.

I told them that I’m gonna catch up with my fellow Santas who were just “taking pictures” at the Square.

They inspected my bag and motioned me to go without further ado. I felt like their eyes followed me…..

Beijing Santacon.

Beijing Santacon.

I wore a Santa suit, ofcourse! And I was the FREE HUG SANTA! There was this young couple who approached me in Tiananmen Square and asked if they could have a photo op with me but before I said yes, I flashed my placard and they understood the message. The guy opened his arms and the gal followed.And they got what they wanted.They were my first ever FREE HUG experience in public!


On my way to the Drum and Bell, I met two Santas: Natasha and Anne. Both were a bit drunk. We stopped by a small store so they could buy two bottles of beer. We hopped into a taxi and directed the driver in a wrong way….so, we have to stop and walk to the Tower which was 500 meters away.

And guess what, one of us fell—–that shattered the bicycles neatly parked on the sidewalk.

It was not me, I swear. :))

Beijing Santacon.

Beijing Santacon.

 When we arrived at the Drum and Bell Tower Bar, Santas were all resting in the comfy couches and chilled like what Father Christmas would do in the North Pole when he’s not busy packing stuff.

I just had a beer and a soda water at D & B. It was too early for me to get drunk. 😉

We stayed there for an hour and left the place following the drunk / tipsy voice of a lady Santa who led the street caroling in her megaphone.

 SALUD Bar in Nanlouguxiang

 The quiet hutong was awakened by the joyous cheers of Santa’s “Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!”

Nobody, among us, was, of course, a HO!

Every passersby stopped whatever they were doing. The caroling continued in between gulping down the Tsingtao beer in hand and spreading Christmas greetings in Chinese!

SALUD Bar gave every Santa a deal of 5 kuai off in everything. Fair enough.

Nobody was left sober here. Everyone had their share of alcoholic beverage and some craved for food while others waited in queue to the bathroom.

I had three big mugs of beer and a shot handed to me by another Santa. Whoever you are, thanks a lot.

When I went upstairs, another Santa tagged me a NAUGHTY sticker and well… was an honor. So true. Hahahahahaha…

I told everyone I’m naughty 365 days a year! :))

I dunno how long we stayed in Salud but it was here where I mingled with almost everyone. And I became, I think, a slut.

I don’t really remember everything but my pictures show that I was in someone’s lap! I hope I wasn’t too nasty. I dunno how to be subtle when I’m drunk! Hahahahaha…


Due to selective amnesia, I don’t remember everything that happened here. My video shows that Santas were singing and there was also wine tasting in the corner.

And for Santas, the bar gave us a good buy one, free one deal. I dunno how many more bottles I imbibed here.

I was standing on the bar with the other Santas! My goodness! How did it happen? Mike, did you force me up there?

I think I had my dinner here. Who knows? 🙂



Walking from Paddy’s to Fu Bar was not fun! Beijing’s windy, cold evening is everyone’s nightmare but good thing, we made it to Fu Bar with half-numbed fingers. At least, in my case.

Fubar gave us 10rmb tsingtaos and specials on shots. I didn’t get one of these though. I had two big mugs of cider which was heaven for me. I wanna go back there again for this drink only.

The management also opened the loft space for the drunk Santas.

I have nothing much to share here. I was totally wasted. 


From the cosy Fubar, we all walked to White Rabbit at Sanlitun. Ok, not all. Some took the cab. Our imaginary reindeers were all gone somewhere and got their much-needed sleep.

I got just a drink here and danced nonstop for a while so I could be a bit sober. Dancing, for me, is kinda therapy when I’m drunk.

When I had the courage to go home alone, I had a graceful exit and I don’t think I told anyone I was going home.

It was 12:30. Too early, I know.


I slept on the taxi for a while that the driv

er had to wake me up—only to find out that I was beyond the address I told him to take me.

He turned around and forced myself to keep awake. It was a hard fight between sleep and sanity.

As soon as I saw my couch, in the living

 room I literally died on it. Still, in Santa suit.

I woke up at 8:00 a.m. and hurried up to my 9-o’clock work.

I grabbed the last red bull can in my refrig

erator and headed for the door. Then, I realized, I never locked the door.

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