Beijing Nightlife: Acupuncture’s 2nd Birthday

ACUPUNCTURE’s 2nd Birthday Bash last night didnt fell short from my expectations.

It was a good rave generally speaking though I cant really say it was the kind of partay that one missed.

So, if you missed it, dont fret. You just missed 1/2 of your life!

Thats not much, isnt it?

Hell, yeah, I had sooo much fun. Not just because of the party itself but also because of the people who surrounded, teased and danced with me until the ungodly hours in the morning.

And, yes, dahlins I was wasted and cant remember some of the stuff I did. To those who know me, thats not news, of course. Im always drunk in raves.

What would raves be without getting drunk, yeah?

 Alcohol is not just a social lubricant for me but its an excuse to flirt with the guys (definitely not with women) and get through with it—all because you are wasted—and if god forgives his creatures, fellow partygoers forgive, too, whatever their fellow hedonist do to them, on the dance floor. Hahahahaha…

There I spilled the reason why Im drinking.

Well, its just in the name of FUN. And whoever disagrees, you are doomed to 10 years of bad sex!

I mean that. Hahahahahaha…

Acupunctures 2nd Birthday @ LAN Club from wideye shut on Vimeo.

Organizing Acupunctures 2nd birthday bash has an element of a suspense story.

First, it was supposed to be in the 798 Art District but due to the venues shabby structure, it was moved to the “new 798.” Then, last Wednesday, another announcement was released telling everyone that the celebration is moved to LAN Club due to the “60th anniversary of P.R.C., certain areas will be under strict control until the end of October holiday.” And guess what, the “new 798” area is one of those areas!

Well, if you have been living in China for too long, we all know what the hell this means.

Not that Acupuncture was moved to LAN Club, my favorite bar in Beijing (Honestly, cross my heart!), but it was FREEEEEEE.

So, the dissapointment that I felt during the Beijings First Electronic Festival last May IS TOTALLY FORGOTTEN.

And that FREE entrance they had last night was a pay-off to all those who were dissapointed. Too bad that my other friends who already left China for good were not here last night.

But, I did party for all of them—right at one of Philippe Starck’s posh venues!

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to “Beijing Nightlife: Acupuncture’s 2nd Birthday”

  1. Jenny
    September 6, 2009 at 4:42 AM #

    GRRR can’t believe it was free!
    by the way who’s the cutie in the blue at the bottom of the collage? 😉

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