Beijing – White Cloud Temple aka Baiyun Guan

I visited the White Cloud Temple yesterday because I was bored. Literally, I had nothing to do yesterday so I called my student to come with me to this Taoist Temple called White Cloud Temple or Baiyun Guan, in Chinese.

It’s not very touristy and the temple itself has many stuff to see, like: temple halls, altars, statues of Taoist gods.

Alright, just like any other temples in Beijing. 🙂

Instead of photographing the structures around the temple, I decided to focus my lense to the temple visitors who came in with a common denominator: good luck for the Year of the Tiger.

At the threshold of the White Cloud Temple, every visitor touches this monkey carved on its gate. What else, but, for good luck. Yes, I did. 🙂

What do you think is she wishing for? A handsome, rich boyfriend? Good health? Good job? A brand-new car? A new plumber or ayi?

Everytime a temple visitor puts money on a small box next to this man, he lists the visitor’s name and will be included in their daily prayer.

These security guards are everywhere around the temple. They, of course, maintain order in the place when it gets crowded.

These women scrubbed their palms into this cauldron carved with dragons for good luck.

A son looks up while the mother is hanging the red ribbon with their wishes scribed on it.

For RMB10, you will be carried around the circular area between the halls. While these men carry this carriage, two or three men play the traditional instruments / music to accompany the procession / parade.

A child puts the joss sticks which the mother bought for RMB10 in front of the temple’s altar.

A mother and daughter touches the 12 carved animals of the Chinese zodiac for good luck in the New Year!

A taoist monk receives the joss sticks from the visitors and he personally throw those in this rectangular vessel for burning.


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