Bat Cave in Boracay Island

Visit the Bat Cave in Boracay Island if ever you’ll be in Ilig-iligan Beach. However, don’t expect too much on what to see inside. The cave is damaged and the local government doesn’t even give a damn care. But, if you’ve never been to a bat cave before, then, go! 

There are two caves in the area: one is explorable and the other is not. 

There’s an “entrance fee” is 50 pesos. There’s no ticket stub, really. Give your money to the woman who lives in a nipa hut. She lives near the barbed fence which serves as the gate. She accommodatingly offered me her slippers to use. I didn’t bring a pair of slippers because I only planned to stay and relax on the beach—just to get away from the boisterous crowd in Boracay Beach. 

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Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

I paid another 150 pesos for my tour guides–three kids who know the area well. I didn’t have time to argue with them of the questionable “guide fee” because I felt generous. We agreed that I’ll give each of them 50 pesos only after the tour. 

Off we started walking to a tiny trail of red clay and sharp pebbles. 

Bat Cave Ilig-iligan in Boracay Island.

Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

This is the entrance to the bat cave. I have no idea how I got inside this tiny opening. The photo is taken from the inside point of view.

Bat Cave iIlig-iligan Boracay Island.

Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

The stalactites and stalagmites of the cave suffered seriously from tourists and from lack of protection from the local tourism board. They’re totally lifeless but you can see that they were once spectacular. We didn’t see any bats here. Only fresh bat shits (which are everywhere) and a dead bird.

Bat Cave in Boracay Island Ilig-iligan

Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

This child was one of my cave guides. He pointed out the crystals that covered this stalagmite. They twinkle like embers stars when the flash light was out.

The children had a lot of knowledge about bat life. They pointed me to this and that and explained some stuff I didnt get. They impressed me at such a young age.

Bat Cave in Boracay Island Ilig-iligan

Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

There’s a small, circular opening at the other end of the cave. Right at it’s door is a tree that extends its twin trunks. If youre not careful, you’re gonna fall into the ravine and into the abyss of the deep blue sea.

It was really dangerous but the adventurous spirit in me pushed me to walk like a beauty queen into these trunks. I stayed and sat there like a monkey for a bit to inhale fresh air and admire the panoramic view of the ocean. With such view, I easily forgot the danger below me.

Bat Cave in Boracay Island Ilig-iligan

Bat Cave in Boracay Island.

My guides showed me Bat Cave 2 but it’s unexplorable. We peeked at it and we did see a lot of sleeping bats. The putrid stench of bat shit was unbearable. I positioned myself to take few photos but when I clicked the shutter, a warning came out of the camera screen: battery dead.

Bat luck, eh? :))


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