A New Gay

The title is, of course, a parody of Celine Dion’s best-selling album, A NEW DAY. I confess, I bought this album. Yeah, I’m a Celine Dion fan since the Titanic theme song became a worldwide anthem. I’ve seen the movie 17 times myself. Cheesy, I know. I’m a romantic fool.   

And yes, I met the singing diva here in Toronto during her show at BUDDIES IN BAD TIMES THEATER and I even had a photo op with her after the successful show. I was damn star-struck to the bones when I met here and it was surreal. Very surreal. OH my gawd. Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. It’s Celine Dion!

Ok, enough drama. I’m very emotional now. Like Celine.

I guess, by now, you have the impression that I met the real diva who sang some (or most) of David Foster’s songs. Not fast, sistah. (Insert: click fingers, heads moving east to west).

LAURA LANDAUER is Canada’s Other Celine Girl. She’s Celine Dion’s most famous impersonator / look-a-like. They both can sing to their hearts out that makes them standout wherever they will be. If they would have a duet together, it would be damn hard to recognize who is lipsynching. They’re both thin—and girl I want those arms of yours if I could rent them for a night. They are 98% physically similar. Even their legs are similar! The two should start asking their respective parents if they’re not twins. Or better, do it scientifically: DNA testing.

And they, too, are both flat-chested. And I’m a fan. :))

Their only difference is that the real Celine Girl is emotional while The Other Celine Girl (a good show title) is emotional, too, but in a funny way. There wasn’t a time I didn’t laugh or chuckle everytime she got emotional on stage. Her facial expressions, stage mannerisms and body language were exactly like that of that 1988 Euro Vision Grand Winner. For almost an hour and a half, I forgot to worry about looking for a job in this city.

The show was nothing short of Celine Dion’s Las Vegas extravaganza! Though the stage was small but it was enough to put improvised props, including the “part” of the Titanic ship. The dancers were HOTTER than the real Celine Dion’s dancers. The choreographer was the hottest. The back-up singers were as talented as the diva herself. The video clips shown everytime Laura / Celine went backstage for costume change were so funny that made everyone laughed so hard.

(Celine and the “five-legged” horse totally understand each other. LOL…)

The last song she sang was the theme from the Titanic movie, MY HEART WILL GO ON. Before she appeared, a same-sex wedding scene was going on stage while the humming sound of the song’s prelude played on. The crowd bursted into laughs and thunderous applause and it was one of the best moments of the show.

Then… from the darkness, there appeared… a woman clad in white dress… it’s Celine!!! The laughs went on… the song went on… and it ended. Celine didn’t sink with the ship. She just bade adieu to everyone—and to satisfy her fans, she went down from the stage and shook hands with those on the front and side seats.

She’s truly a star. In her own right.

To save you from asking, “No, She’s Not a Tranny Doing Impersonation.”

She’s a singing DIVA who HEARTS rainbows.

Laura Landauer’s website
Buddies in Bad Times website

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