50 Years of Art: Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2011

Approximately 300 artists came to participate in a three-day art event dubbed as 2011 Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition last weekend. This year is its 50th Year celebration and artists showcased their best art pieces for art lovers to see, own and appreciate. Nathan Phillips was turned into an artsy fartsy rendevous of artists from all walks of life and who are using different kinds of media: from steels to barbed wires to mixed media to trash to ceramics. Name it and there’s one medium for everyone–and one art piece that speaks to you.

“Through the act of imprisonment, one can create a place of refuge and security. Living a life of solitude can be consoling it can also become increasingly lonely to the point where one is completely disconnected from the rest of the world. In the end, it is the person who inflicts pain to outsiders that also causes harm to themselves.” Jon Riosa /

“My work is about noticing the beauty of discarded and everyday materials. What is regarded as “trash” is embedded in plaster and painted in oils to create bas (low) reliefs, sculptural objects which hang on the wall.” Jane Derby (

Suggestion Box.This structure is an indicatorof the possible – suggestive of a fence, gazebo, a room divider, a ceiling, door or window. This is filled with slices of steel pipe with cast glass–rough cut and mineral-like on one side, smooth and lens-like on the other.”

Artist: Daniel Bombardier /

Artist: Alex Anagnostou /

Artist: Amanda McCavour /


All photos were taken with artist’s permission.

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