Part 1 – 2012 Toronto Zombie Walk

On its 10th year Anniversary, Toronto Zombie Walk, once again, proved that its the ultimate Halloween street party. Hundreds of walking zombies terrorized the streets of Toronto, looking for brains, blood and hot chicks and dudes, too. Thousands of living humans socialized with the scary and disgusting zombies at Nathan Phillips Square (or Scare?).

Up close and personal, the zombies were friendlier than we thought. During the event, nobody was reported to have missing brains, arms and other body parts. 😉

Part 1 – 2012 Toronto Zombie Walk

Hands down to this years Best in Zombie Costume

This KFC guy gives me the creeps. I wont be able to look at KFC the same way ever again. LOL…
For these little zombies, theres no bedtime stories. Theyre on the prowl for brains—your brains!

Ew! That child is creepy!

Zombies. Hotties.

The Zombie bride came alone. With that look, of course, no groom in his sane mind would show up at the altar of matrimony! LOL…

This young girl really knows how to act as a zombie compared to the adults! 🙂

Please be reminded that this dog is not a stuff toy. Its real. :))

Can you spot the zombie fashionistas?

Holy cow! Take that green creepy tot out of my sight! Hes cute. LOL…

Help me here. Whats this pale guy with a spiky hair supposed to be? I know its a cartoon character but cant reckon/remember who he is.
I have no doubt, this kid is his baby. Look at the similarities! LOL..


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