2011 Toronto Jazz Festival: Robert Cray Band

I have to admit that I heard his music before but wasn’t floored much. I do like jazz but I don’t carry on listening to four jazz songs in succession. Beyond four songs, I feel bored. Really.

But, last night at the 2011 Toronto Jazz Festival main stage, when Robert Cray Band took center stage and sang his first song, I had the feeling I might stay longer—after 4 songs—which I did. I left after 6 or 7 songs, I reckon. It’s not just his soothing, melodious, awesome voice but his equally-awesome guitar skills kept me glued inside the venue (if not in my seat). I’m a frustrated guitar learner, so, that might be the reason. 🙂

I think jazz is much better when you hear it live than recorded? 😉


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