2011 Toronto Jazz Festival: Aretha Franklin and the crowd

Arethta Franklin opened the 2011 Toronto Jazz Festival—-and what a crowd! You can’t barely drop a needle in a small venue with a talent and caliber like the Queen of Soul! Lucky for those who got a wristband because they were able to get inside the main stage tent and got intimate with, yes, Aretha. The girl who was seating next to me on the lawn looked so weary and was grunting about her “unlucky day”. She said that the queue was already too long when she was there at 2:30 PM. And when they counted the number of people to be given wristbands, she was 10 people away from the last number counted! Damn unlucky, eh?

I saw the real Aretha (not the screen shots) in 5 minutes or so but wasn’t able to take photos. It’s too risky and my memory of THE jazz singer is even vague.

But, anyway, here are crowd photos from the event.

This is the crowd on King Street which was closed to vehicles to accomodate more people. Afterall, it’s Friday, so what better way to spend it than watching the free concert despite the looming threat of rain.

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