2011 MMVA: Red Carpet

I saw all this year’s MMVA guests, except for Mother Monster, Lady Gaga. The fans were all eager and ready to scream and welcome here with poker face or monster pose but she disappointed the little monsters in us all. Well, it’s understandable—she opened the MMVA show so she had to be prepared for her grandiose entrance.

I stood at the back of the press/photographers which really has a good view, except that screaming fans around me were just sooooo restless that almost all my shots blurred. These are the ones that are worth sharing.

Here’s Avril Lavigne, Bruno Mars, Cody Simpson, David Guetta, Trevor Donovan and an unknown star (I don’t know her, really.)

AVRIL LAVIGNE performed “What The Hell” at the 2011 MMVA show for 7 minutes. It’s been four years since she last appeared at the MMVA.

The fans went berserk when BRUNO MARS walked the red carpet. I didn’t expect that this croober is actually tiny. He was all smiles to everyone. He performed his hit song, “Just The Way You Are.” He looks good in his bright pink shirt.

CODY SIMPSON captivates the crowd with his big boyish smile. This blonde Australian received a warm welcome in Justin Beiber’s country. He’s pitted against (if not compared) JB which he thinks is very flaterring.

Ladies and Gentlemen… MR. DAVID GUETTA, the world’s best DJ!He’ll never ever put you down when you’re attending in one of his gigs! I should know. I’ve attended twice.

TREVOR DONOVAN is soooo hot and gorgeous!

Whoever she is, let me know. :))

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